DevelopmentAt Mikkelsen Electronics, we make our knowledge and expertise available to our customers, when it comes to developing and designing electronic connection and laminated component solutions for your particular product, such as

  • connection of cables; e.g. D-Sub and coax cables
  • specialty connectors, cables or lenghts


We establish a team for your project, with the relevant development engineering expertise, production engineer and customer service.

processThis team will work with you, based on an existing specification or drawing up a specification, in designing the best possible solution with respect to production time, unit costs and overall quality of the final product.

Finishing the development process, also includes drawing up specifications for release test and general quality control. Very few products are the same, and the end application and environment of products are also very different.

We have a vast experience in designing tests, that measure the product up against vibrations, voltage, heat, moist etc., and these tests are important to define, in order to ensure overall quality of your final product.