Mikkelsen Electronics A/S strengthens its management

Mikkelsen Electronic A/S adapts its organization to the future. Kim Christiansen is appointed CEO. He is replaced by Søren Ingerslev at the board. Jürgen A. Haberl continues in the company as CTO. His responsibility is to accelerate the technical development in cooperation with Mikkelsen’s largest customers and expanding the solution range. Overall aim is Mikkelsen’s growth strategy.

     Photo 1: Kim Christiansen, new CEO

Mikkelsen Electronics A/S has 85 employees on 3 locations and with its growth strategy it has been a major player on the market for quite some time.                                                                                                                                            

”Recent year’s growth has called for an adaptation of our organization. By adding organizational power we have the means to a continued development of our solutions in close cooperation with our customers. The link between a CTO position and our largest customers lets us continue to match and develop alongside with our customers. All this is also for the benefit of our small and medium sized customers”, Kim Christiansen says.

Photo 2: 
Søren Ingerslev, Attorney-at-Law and new board member

Mikkelsen’s production strategy is to be the largest supplier of connector, moulding and assembly solutions. This will be backed up by a consultancy function of cable solutions with the aim of creating more value for our customers. The production strategy is coupled with a strategy of being the leading supplier of connector, sensor and ferrite solutions. The latter in close cooperation with Mikkelsen’s business partners, primarily in Europe.

”We take no short cuts when it comes to quality. For this reason all our employees are IPC certified and both production sites are ISO 9001 certified. We also offer a range of other quality standards adapted to the specific customer”, says Kim Christiansen.

Mikkelsen Electronics A/S has two production sites: Farum, Denmark and Niŝ, Serbia. Additionally, a sales office in Stockholm.

About Kim Christiansen
Kim Christiansen holds a MSc. Eng. and has had a number of leading positions in technology companies. He comes from a position as VP Sales & Marketing at Ellipse A/S.

About Søren Ingerslev
Søren Ingerslev is Attorney (L), LL.M. and MBA. He is partner in Elmann Advokat-partnerselskab and holds a number of positions of trust in Danish business life.

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If you have questions regarding the company please contact CEO Kim Christiansen on +45 4434 0322 or kch@mi-ec.com.

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