Force, Torque, Acceleration and Pressure Sensors

MEAS Sensors from TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity offers an unmatched portfolio of sensor solutions for applications across a wide range of industries. Our technologies enable measurement capabilities such as pressure, temperature, position, vibration, humidity and fluid property, to name a few.


Force sensors


Within our extensive range of load cells you will find almost every operating range and output signal you need to complete your compression, tension and impact measurements. Through leading piezoresistive technology.



Torque sensors


Offering both, reaction and rotating torque measurement sensors, sensors from TE Connectivity utilizes leading strain-gauge technology to meet the most demanding circumstances in static and dynamic applications.




Acceleration sensors


TE Connectivity's MEAS accelerometers utilize world leading piezoresistive and variable capacitance technology which offer excellent stability and reliability. True DC response allows for not only acceleration but also for choc, vibration and velocity measurements.



Pressure sensors


TE Connectivity provides you with an extensive range of pressure transducers, suited to a wide spectrum of applications. Whether you need differential, absolute or gauge measurement capability, our sensors offer high sensitivity, low hysterisis and excellent linearity while withstanding extremes of temperature and vibration.




TE Connectivity provides you with complete sensing solutions including conditioning electronics to power sensors, amplify electric signals and display data digitally. Wether you need to measure force, torque, acceleration or pressure we offer single-channel or multi-channel systems in rack mounted and autonomous configurations.