3D Printing
of Tools and Prototypes with Movable Partsproduction

3D printed tools - inexpensive, quick and for applications with movable parts.

3D printed tool are quicker to produce and cost less than aluminium tools. The tools can be used to produce short series in Technomelt and the 3D printer can also print short series which are used in the continued production.

That means that it’s possible to in some cases completely avoid tool costs. In this way the flexibility in the construction phase can be increased significantly.

It’s also possible to produce prototypes, which are 3D printed, that give good information about how the final moulded product will look, and to produce auxiliary tools.

The 3D printer can also print pieces with movable parts. One example is a D-sub contact with movable fingerscrews. With the help of a temporary material, which is removed - or washed out - after printing, a piece with actual moving parts is printed in one go.

Only your fantasy sets the limits.

So call us and let's have a 3D talk about your project.



The same tool in aluminium and printed in 3D.
Adjustable spanner 3D printed in one piece.