3D Scanning 3D printed adjustable spanner printed in one piece
- Quality Tool and Support in the Design Process

Reproduction, documentation or quality tool

The 3D scanner has numerous functions: as a quality tool or for reproduction and documentation of existing models.

The area of quality control alone makes the 3D scanner interesting, as it can be used for measuring pieces and performing geometrical analyses. A piece can be approved as conforming to the drawing specifications on the basis of a 3D scan and comparisons can be made with a CAD drawing. 3D scanning can also be used for geometric problem analysis and problem identification and the results can be delivered as a measurement report – complete with pictures and colour illustrations.

If you already have a product which you want to reproduce, 3D scanning is also ideal and it’s possible to use the data for producing prototypes. The 3D scanner can recreate master models and facilitate the design process with animation and visualization and can therefore help to completely bypass expensive and time consuming work stages.

Data from 3D scanning can be used for many different purposes, for example for developing models, CAD work and programming of CAM software. The 3D file can also be used as design foundation in Solid Works.

3D software simulation of a Macromelt tool
3D software simulation of a tool.

Work process

In order to create a CAD foundation which respects the design, the model is scanned. The data from the scan is used to generate cross section curves which are then used for a traditional CAD drawing. The data can, once again, also be used for 3D printing.

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