Low Pressure Moulding
Combined with other Materials

Transparent Technomelt combined with plastics


Do you need encapsulation in different materials? Then we can help you.

With our German Arburg machine we can guarantee you stabile moulding processes. Due to this it is now possible to combine an encapsulation in Technomelt with a overmould in fx Thermoplastics.

An example is an LED in Technomelt moulding combined with a magnifing glass in plastics. Low pressure moulding at its best because it protects the delicate electronics and plastics at its best because of the versatility.

Or if you need items in different colours?

With our extra extruder module we can change colours easily and fast so if you need your application if different colours - no problem.

Technomelt comes in various colours, including transparent. And for plastics you can also choose among a large number of colours.

Call us and let us find the best solution for you.

LED with Technomelt moulding














LED with diodes overmoulded in Technomelt