Xray - The Next Level of Quality Assurance

Bring your quality into the next level. production

We offer x-ray to all applications - also in case of series production.


How can you be sure of the quality if you don't take a look?

The purpose of using x-ray is to document the quality of solderings, encapsulations, and cables. Moulded cables or prints are not made to be opened and examined as the whole point is to provide a waterproof and dust-proof sealing. Conventional optical and electronic controls have limitations in that solderings are not always visible and accessible.

Additionally, it is impossible to detect broken copper conductors in cables using existing electronic measuring techniques as such measurements measure the passage through the cable and not the number of copper conductors. This means that you will not get an indication of whether one or more conductors are damaged.


The second soldering is incomplete and one of the cores is not attached.





Comply with the IPC standard

Using x-ray, it is easy to uncover such flaws and comply with the IPC standard. For example, the IPC standard dictates how many copper conductors may be damaged in a cable for it to fulfil the quality requirement. In print mounting, x-raying has been a standard procedure for many years but x-raying cables and mouldings as well is a brand new concept.


The x-ray equipment is manufactured in Germany and the max scope of examination is ~ 250x300mm. It may be used in both series production and for single pieces. In series production, the pieces are placed on a circular table which optimizes the processing times and reduces the costs. The x-ray image may be delivered to you as a hard copy or a pdf file.