Linear and rotary positions transducers

Contelec specialises in the engineering and production of high-quality sensors for angular and path measurement. The company’s offering ranges from low-cost, high-quality standard components to individual custom solutions, which can be supplied in small-run production batches. The range includes contact-free and non-contacting rotary position sensors, as well as potentiometers based on conductive plastic, wire or cermet technologies.



Standard rotary products





Individual Standard products


The modularity of Contelec conductive plastic potentiometers combines the benefits of standardized products with those of customized components.

The wide range of possible variations of conductive plastic potentiometers includes customer-specified angle and travel ranges, different types of casing and different sizes.



Custom specific solutions


This consistent application of our broadly based engineering and manufacturing expertise upgrades us into a strategic solutions partner for many of our customers, for whom we make a significant contribution to the successful development of new products.

It is self-evident that factors such as customer proximity, flexibility and experience also play a key role in this area.