Pressure Sensors




Pressure sensors
TE Connectivity


TE Connectivity provides you with an extensive range of pressure transducers, suited to a wide spectrum of applications. Whether you need differential, absolute or gauge measurement capability, our sensors offer high sensitivity, low hysterisis and excellent linearity while withstanding extremes of temperature and vibration.






Pressure sensor cells
from Variohm


Variohm Pressure Sensors offer a solution to all pressure applications across many industries. The Variohm Pressure Sensors range include Pressure Transducers and Pressure Switches. Variohm also have a range of Combined Pressure and Temperature Transducers. 




Pressure sensor cells
from Swiss Metallux


Metallux is a specialist within pressure sensor cells for integration. The sensors cover pressure ranges from 0,060-800 bar. The ceramic body makes it suitable for nearly any environment. The sensors are ideal for integration in sensors and equipment and can be customized to the requirements of the application.

Pressure sensor cells are ideal for:

* Medical
* Automotive
* Industrial sensors (transmitter) and process control
* Industrial control instruments and subsystems
* HVAC, domotics and safety
* Water management
* Defence and aerospace


TE Connectivity


MEAS Sensors from TE Connectivity
TE Connectivity offers an unmatched portfolio of sensor solutions for applications across a wide range of industries. The technologies enable measurement capabilities such as pressure, temperature, position, vibration, humidity and fluid property, to name a few.




Variohm Eurosensor has been a leading single source supplier of sensors and associated electronic systems since 1974.

When precise measurement feedback is critical, Variohms extensive portfolio of application specific sensors are designed to meet the requirements of even the most stringent applications.

* Automotive
* Medical
* Industrial
* Aerospace
* Motorsports
* Agricultural




Founded in Switzerland in 1955, Metallux SA is a fast growing company internationally well known in the pressure sensor and microelectronics industry.
Since 2006, Metallux is part of the Eltek Group. This resource has permitted technological, engineering and manufacturing development with strong investments and a structural renewal.