assmannFlat cable harnesses and modular connectors

ASSMANN WSW components is a part of the ASSMANN group. Assmann is a well known supplier of standard and customized connectors, cable harnesses, heat sinks and assemblies.





Flat cable connectors



Customized assemblies are offered with all available IDC-connectors.

All IDC connectors are interchangeable and provide unlimited configurations:

  • Multiflex® IDC socket connector
  • Multiflex® PCB transition connector
  • Multiflex® IDC Low Profile header
  • Multiflex® Dip connector
  • D-Sub IDC
  • Centronics IDC


  • with and without strain relief
  • pitch 2.54 mm, pitch 2.00 mm
  • grey cable with red marking
  • colour coded cable
  • halogen free cable available upon request


  • custom design winding and packaging
  • custom design printing
  • any length


Modular cable harnesses



Customized Assemblies are available with the following connectors:

Various country specific telecommunication plugs...
Shielded or unshielded, with or without hoods...


  • both ends with plug
  • one-side open-ended, jacket stripped with
    - wire-end conductor sleeve
    - wire stripped and tinned
    - crimped terminals
    - special terminals according to customer specific.
    - moulded strain relief (standard or customized)


  • D-form and round modular cables available
  • twisted pair
  • foil and braid shielded cable
  • patch cable according to Cat 5e, Cat 6 standards
  • custom design winding and packaging
  • custom design printing
  • any length
  • any colour



Customer Design

With their experience from industry, telecom and automotive sectors, Assmann is used to developing customer specific design.

The complete product management including producebility evaluation process, drawings, FSIR, FMEA and CpK-analyses from one source.

Apart from this Assmann guarantees short tooling leadtimes for stamp- and mould tools, correct selection of the needed surface and a professional assembly and testing.

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