CliffJack connectors

Cliff is a leader in the design, development, manufacture and supply of components and connectors. These include jack sockets, XLR's, terminal binding posts, switches, control knobs, RCA jacks, USB and Firewire, DIN and optical connectors.




Professional Jack Sockets



The Cliff range of professional quality " jack sockets features a patented "wiping action" design to ensure clean contact surfaces with each operation. All models consist of a durable Nylon body and solid "Ni-Ag" alloy contacts for superior performance and are supplied with mounting hardware unassembled.

For specialised applications we can offer options including low loss "T" contacts and gold plated contacts "G", RFI/EMI screens, coloured nuts and accessories, Faston® tags, "Make" contacts plus various non standard PC mounting options.



Jack Plugs



The Cliff range of professional quality jack plugs are designed for use in many applications including audio, computer, military and industrial uses. Our jack plugs are manufactured from solid nickel plated brass with high temperature Phenolic / PBT insulators and either chrome plated brass or tough ABS covers. All versions feature a cable clamp, which is an integral part of the ground screen contact and clamps firmly without damaging the cable.

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Customizing Cliff

Apart from the standard solutions from Cliff it is also possible to have your own solution.

Call us at +45 44 34 03 00 and let us talk about the possiblities for you.