From small to large scale production

Avoid bottle necks in your production

Do you need to expand your production? Wait with your investments and let us take hand of your production. We can assemble, solder, weld with ultrasound and customize for you. And the only thing you have to worry about is when you would like us to deliver.


Larger series?

It may be more profitable to assemble cables in larger series outside Denmark. We have our own production in Serbia and we understand the meaning of quality at competitive prices and delivery times. Both production facilities are ISO9000 certified and IPC trained.

Quality all the time - on time

Production of customized products must maintain a constant
quality and we are of course ISO 9001:2000 certified. We also
offer UL certified solutions for the US and Canadian market.

We often customize in order to solve specific problems with for example humidity and vibrations. Therefore you must be convinced about the quality and the quality control and that it lives up to your own quality demands. You can read more about our quality procedures by clicking here.