Cable development and assembly

We develop, design and manufacture a wide range of custom cables, as well as offer the option of holding buffer stock for you.
Our production is mainly based on these cable types.

  • Coax cables
  • Multi cables
  • Flat cables
  • Single wires
  • Micro cables
  • Twisted pair flat cables

Other than the above cable types, we also manufacture several very specific cable types for special purposes.
We offer assembly of all cable types and all sorts of connectors and components, soldering - also under microscope - and crimping.

Or if you need moulded D-subs with finger screws in a specific cable lenght.


Part of the wheel or the whole package?



Do you need a small part of the total delivery for your customer or do you want us to take care of the whole package?

At mikkelsen we are used to adapt to our customers needs. So just ask us!