Ferrites, coils and chokes

The Neosid manufacturing range includes ferrite components, filter kits, prealigned filter coils, helical filters, chokes, fixed inductors, transformers, radio interference suppression components, RFID antennas and coil bobbins from thermoplastic materials.

Neosid is a company with highly flexible manufacturing traditions and is used to customizing products for their customers.




Whether asymmetric, extremely small or with especially thin walls, when the shape is too complicated to be produced on presses, then we choose other methods.

Neosid manufactures intricate ferrites in a special injection-moulding process, which opens up far more options when it comes to shaping. This means that a multitude of shapes is feasible, depending on the application envisaged and the design concept.

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RFID Coils


Today, RFID transponders can increasingly be found in comfort and safety electronics, for example in keyless go, loop antennae, electronic tyre pressure control, belt tensioners and airbag systems. With its innovative ferrite injection moulding technique, Neosid offers forward-looking solutions, enabling customers to develop flexible, cost-optimised applications while fulfilling stringent quality requirements.

Within this context Neosid offers both customised and standard products, such as for example the Ms18k, Ms32k, Ms34, 3D11, 3D15 and 125 kHz antennae.

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Filter coils


With our many years of experience in the field of inductive pin type and SMD components Neosid offers a broad spectrum of filters, in various designs up into the GHz range.

Neosid filters and coils are used in telecommunications and electronic engineering as frequency-selective components consisting of individual or coupled resonant circuits. Additionally, non-tunable tapped coils and coils with multiple windings are often required, e.g. as transformers or for impedance matching before and after amplifier stages.

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Neoside offer a broad spectrum of fixed inductors in various designs.

Neosid has experience in many areas of automotive electronics, telecommunications, video and medical electronic equipment. For example, in radio interference suppression devices, as a power application for DC / DC converter, as a storage choke and because of its small tolerance for LC-Filter designs.

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Custom made solutions


Neosid has a long experience of customizing their products for specific needs.

Call us and let us discuss how we may help you find the correct solution.