Henkel OptiMel Technomelt ®

Technomelt® moulding is processed under clean conditions and without solvent or any toxic component release. If you need a tight adhesion to wire insulation material, to housing material or if low injection pressure is necessary, then Technomelt® moulding is the ideal choise.


Design, Tool and Manufactoring

Actually there is no typical process. But there are important steps in order to reach a high-quality product. We can deliver both specific parts of the chain or - if you choose so - the whole solution.

You choose.



Defining needs and benefits


The first step is to define your needs and benefits by using the Technomelt solution.

  • Are there specific challenges to be taken into account such as humidity, vibrations, temperature?
  • Definition of material and tool construction
  • Do you need to combine two different granulates?
  • How many pieces do you need?
  • Do we need to pre-mould?
  • Etc.


Preliminary drawings

  The next step are the preliminary drawings. Often our customers have an idea of how they want the application to look like. Or you may even have a drawing that we can use?


Tool design and drawing


The tool design depends on a number of factors:

  • Inlets
  • Material
  • Air
  • Production time
  • Prototype tool
  • Pre mould




The tool is produced and is tested.

The tool belongs to you and you can have it at any time.


Technomelt granulate


When you decide the granulate a number of factors must be taken into account:

  • Colour
  • How flexible do you want the application to be?
  • Surface
  • The environment of the application - humidity, temperature etc.




Do you want to produce yourself or do you want us to help you?

Mikkelsen Electronics has years of experience in Technomelt production that you can rely on. Of course we also have the machines to assist us.

However, if you prefer to produce yourself we can also help you.


Service and Support


All through the process you can rely on our assistance.

If you have acquired a moulding machine you may also want to continue the good cooperation with a service and support agreement.




The production of your application is commenced.

If you prefer we can deliver your application packed in your own packaging material, quantities, labels etc. We can - of course - also deliver your products directly to your customer.