New Metal-Hood FMN4H – Low profile version for limited installation heights launched by FCT Group

In a joint venture with an internationally operating customer a metal hood was developed, which is particularly suitable for application in mechanical engineering, industrial processing and automation.

The customer had requested a size 4 hood with the lowest profile possible and a 90 degree cable outlet, in which also a high density connector with 62 wires could be fitted. During development emphasis was placed not only on fulfilling customer-specific requirements, but also on developing a hood which could be used in multiple applications.

As a result the hood was designed with strain reliefs, one for cable diameters up to 13 mm and one for cables with a narrow diameter.
The biggest challenge with this project was the high mating and extraction forces typical for multi-pole connectors and the resulting risk of distortion of the connectors during insertion and withdrawal. This was solved by adding a fixed knurled-thumb screw with a collar in addition to the conventional positioning of a knurled-thumb screw. The fixed screw assures correct placement of connector and receptacle during mating and extraction.

The hood must be mounted on, or removed from the mating connector with the help of an Allen Key at both ends. Thus it is ensured that the connector is inserted or removed parallel to the mating connector and the contacts on the edge are not unnecessarily subjected to undue pressure.

Our project partner has already filed a patent for this simple yet innovative technical solution.

The advantages:

· Designed for robust application and limited space and assembly conditions
· Excellent shielding properties due to encapsulated zinc die-cast housing
· 90 degree cable outlet
· Changeable cable outlet by the use of 2 strain reliefs as a standard accessory (max. 13 mm cable diameter and up to 62 wires / max. 11 mm cable diameter)
· Pre-mounted knurled thumb screws (standard slot, UNC 4-40 thread)
· Available with an optional fixed hexagon knurled thumb screw with collar and UNC4-40 thread for protection of contacts during mating and extraction (FMN4H-4791)

Application fields:

· Control Gear Engineering
· Switch- and control centres
· Automation
· Machinery and mechanical engineering
· Measurement and control engineering

Order example: FMN4H(E)

· without amendment "E", sale in packing units of 50 pieces each
· with amendment "E", sale in packing units of 1 piece each
· with amendment "-4791", fixed knurled thumb screw with collar and hexagon head (AF 2,55)
The metal hood FMN4H is now available.

Please contact the sales department for further details.