Low Power rotary encoder with an actual 360°measuring angle

Contelec low-power rotary encoders are paving the way for new application options
With the latest low-power angle sensors from its Vert-X 21 range, Contelec is setting new standards in the field of green technology. The magnetic absolute rotary encoders, which can measure 360°, combine the benefits associated with the low-power and low-voltage class with a highly accurate measuring system. The angle sensors use considerably less power at = 300µA (at Vop = 3.3V), which makes them suitable for all low-energy applications. In terms of applications which need a genuine 360° measuring angle, Vert-X 21 low-power rotary encoders are clearly superior to potentiometers, where the technology involved restricts the measuring angle to a maximum of 350° to 355°.

Unique features
- Measuring range: 0 to 360°
- Resolution: up to 12-bit
- Linearity: ±0.3% of the measuring range
- Hysteresis: max. 0.2°
- Operating temperature: –40°C to +85°C
- Degree of protection: IP54/IP65
- Possible interfaces: 10 to 90% Ub
- Max. repeatability: 0.1°
- Min. service life: 360 million movements .

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