Coils, Ferrites and Chokes


The Neosid manufacturing range includes ferrite components, filter kits, prealigned filter coils, helical filters, chokes, fixed inductors, transformers, radio interference suppression components, RFID antennas and coil bobbins from thermoplastic materials.

Neosid is a company with highly flexible manufacturing traditions and is used to customizing products for their customers.

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Lorlin Electronics is Britain's largest producer of electromechanic switches. The company produces all kind of switches:

  • Key switches
  • Vandal proof metal key pads
  • Coded rotary switches
  • Push push potentiometers
  • Modules
  • Push buttoms
  • Slide switches

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Industrial knobs

Ritel is a main player within mouldings from thermoplastic systhetics. Ritel's products can be found in the electrical industry, laboratory equipment industry, fittings and aeronautical industry, medicine technology and general apparatus engineering.

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LED Lights

Binder has a long history of manufacturing quality connectors. Renowned for their precision and quality Binder has expanded their product range to include LED lights.